How Does a Bill Become a Law?


Understanding the complex and judicial American system is no easy feat and understanding the law making process can be very mind-numbing. This info graphic illustrates the route a bill must go through in order to become a law in addition to highlighting out all the obstacles that must be faced while going through the process.

Reasons to Sell Your Jewelry

Why Sell Diamonds?

However you came across your diamond there are times when you no longer want them. You might be asking yourself how to I get cash for my diamond? Instead of holding onto unwanted jewelry or unwanted memories you have finally decided to sell your diamond. Now where should you go from there? Diamonds, like many different stones, depreciate over time and will not be worth what you paid for them. However, it is important to know that you can still get something for your diamonds and do not have to run to your nearest pawn shop or jewelry store to get a quick buck. Instead, if you know the necessary information about your diamond, you can certainly get a lot more than you expected.

Do you still have your certification and the original paperwork that came with your diamond? If not getting a GIA certified value for your diamond can increase the amount you will be paid for the stone. GIA certification is the most respected certification in the world. You may have to spend a little bit of money getting your diamond certified. However, once the diamond is certified you have more of a chance of getting more money in your pocket. It is important that you have a general understand of the quality of diamond you own and its basic retail market value before trying to sell it, even though you will not be paid the retail value for it.

How to Start?

Your first step to selling your diamond is finding a buyer. Online buyers often have in house appraisers that will be able to give you a fair value for what you own. Pawn shops and local jewelry stores are less likely to have a certified gemologist on staff for assessing value. This can result in lower payments for your stones. An appraiser will be able to evaluate the color, carat, cut, and clarity of your diamond allowing you to know what the diamond is worth. When you sell anything, it is important to keep in mind even if the diamond is worth a lot, you will not be paid what the appraiser tells you the diamond is worth. This is because the appraiser provides you with the retail value. Online diamond buyers offer appraisals for free, so it is possible to send your diamonds to several companies to determine which company is willing to pay the most.

Online buyers provide a fast and simple process that allows consumers to make educated decisions about the diamonds they own. It is recommended that you call or email the company you want to work with. Discuss their valuation process and make sure you are comfortable with the process. There is no risk to the seller, because if you do not like the offer, the company will return the jewelry to you. It is important, however, to ensure you are working with a reputable company. Online there are companies that can put up a flashy website, but not offer the customer service required when working with precious stones. There are many reliable companies that will treat you fairly. This can provide a pleasant experience and money in your pocket.